Eindhoven CS experience

Hi there, it’s been a long time no write on this blog

I’ve just had my holiday in Italy for 4 days.. well, actually it’s not the entire of Italy,

it was started from bergamo – verona – milan – venice – milan (san siro) – back to groningen (the one that I mentioned the last is not in Italy :D)

arrived at bergamo airport at 10 am

after 1 and an half hour in plane..

haha, there was a funny story that we never expected before.

when we arrived at eindhoven central station (we planned to stay here until the next morning), a guy who is an officer at the station expelled us (well, actually not that bad) he was telling us that we can’t stay at the station because it will be closed at 1 am and will be opened at 4 am..


what the hell?

at night

yeah, unlucky for us, since it was snowy, it was 1 am, and (I had an idea) it would cost much expensive

damn, I only got 250 euros cash in my pocket.


we just walked out the station, asked a taxi driver where is the nearest hostel, because our bus will depart at 5.43 from CS to the airport.


yeah, it was a hard walk because it was snowy, everywhere I step my foot, the snow was always against my eyes.. what are you? Hi, I’m snow (heeh, nevermind)


finally we arrived in front of the hostel, even we confused before and got lost where the main entrance was, hihi


uhuy, we got an hostel, and it was 35 euros per night per person! what the f***?!
it was just 4 hours inside!

yeah guys, expect the unexpected.. that’s a journey

since it was too expensive (for me) so I had to try to get sleep on that expensive cost bed with the expensive cost blanket without thinking this hostel was very expensive!

and I slept at 2, and woke up at 4. That time was very unfair for 35 euros! I really demand my money back ;(


we got ready and walked to central station (and of course we met the officer who dumped us before) and it was very cold


we waited for the very cute bus (I think) and we had to pay 3 euros!

what an expensive cost.. you should know hey driver, that in Groningen you just have to pay for 1,5 euros and you can have a tour in groningen city..  Someday I will guide you a tour 😀


we arrived at the airport

and we didn’t know what to do (hihi, seemed like the first time we arrived at the airport)

thanks god, people in the Netherlands are speaking english very well and they are really helpful

we checked in and we found out that people going by ryan air brought  very big bags not like what the rules said

hedehh.. it tuns out that not every dutch people obey the rules :p

waited while sleeping, hihi.. we only slept for 4 hours! and it costed us 35 euros




you may sit wherever you want after the first for rows..

hah?? yep, with its motto, flying with fare rates so don’t get surprised with what you will find out when you are inside

so, why there is a number of seat on the boarding pass? hehe.. had no clue gans 😀


okay, we found seats for 3.. and we fell asleep.. and we fly to Bergamo, Italy..




Hakuna Matata



~ by ketekbasahminggir on December 26, 2011.

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