journey begins!!

yeah, what a very nice tittle above..

yeah, the mission to go as backpacker actually has planned for a long time..

I and Fahri, we designed to go backpack, first plan was to go to Bangka Belitung..

we interested in backpacking to Babel cz of Laskar Pelangi movie..

there, the view is so amazing.. besides, susan, n methong are there, and mely, she wanted to join with us to go to Babel..

but, I and Fahri, we made such a conspiration behind..

yeah, we made contact with susan, we also made contact with methong..

but there was no such feedback..

we confused by ourselves.. and finally we decided to go to south sumatera..

why?? because there are many of iur friends there..

and we also planned to continue our journey to west sumatera..

so we arranged the destination and our activities..

I made contact with icha (in Padang) and Achielle (in Palembang)..

they were our hopes when we got there..

At first they (icha n Achielle) didn’t beleive we would come..

yah, as usual, I and fahri, we made plan just for plan,, none of them were realized!!

but I n FAhri, we tried to make it happen..

so, I called Siswi to book the tickets for us both.

our destination at first was Palembang (so we booked tickets from jkt to palembang and padang to jakarta)

but.. whwn I confirmed to siswi, she said that the tickets’ price was so expensive,,

so we changed our plan..

first destination palembang.. only a couple of days..

then by bus go to padang.. and we’d be back to palembang and go back to jakarta from palembang..

yeah,, it went well..

but when the last day I called acil to make sure that she’ll pick us at the airport..

and acil called ica.. ica said that she will be very busy the week when We (I n Fahri), since she’s got to finish aram..

yeah, so we changed our plan friday in palembang and go to padang on that day..

acil n dian (n acil’s sister) picked us up until to the bus pit stop..

go to padang, acil said that it only took 18 hours.. but…

what a very long tired journey..

N fahri?? yeah, she always slept on the bus..

in the middle of the way (musi banyuasin regency) the bus’ tire was broken.. so we took our pictures, while we enjoying the journey that (icha said, cz she called me) still long to go..

here they are..




~ by ketekbasahminggir on October 2, 2009.

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